SmartTalk, ep. 21: It’s A Mad World

Mad Men

Mad Men (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…in which Victor and Mark discuss why they are mad for Mad Men, why Victor made Mark clap, how Mark bitched out the Verizon guy, why “stable” is a step backwards, whether or not dissatisfaction fuels ambition, the difference between gratitude and a “transaction”, why God gave you two ears, why Mark doesn’t want to hear Victor say the words “maternity leave”, why life is like a poker game, why the dog food isn’t selling, the intellectual implications of a parking meter, why hiring is the key to success, Roger Sterling’s hiring advice (and why Mark disagrees), the story of Henry Ford and the engineers, why you might want to hire people who hate marketing and selling, whether advertising is as important and life & death, how the times they are a-changin’ and how, if you’re not careful, you might end up signing The Tradewinds, instead of the Rolling Stones.

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