Smart Solutions Episode 2 – First Impressions

Mark Merenda, SmartMarketing CEO, discusses the power of image and first impressions. ( Podcast.

Pump Up The Volume

BuycheapipodAs you probably know, Smart Marketing is doing something new called ?podcasts? which allow you to download audio files (like some of my presentations, or Smart Marketing client conference calls) into your iPod or MP3 player and listen to them at your leisure. This is absolutely, positively the latest, hottest brand-new thing, at least until next week. As part of that effort, we are doing a series of 15-minute podcasts, in radio-show format, entitled ?Smart Solutions? which I did with the help of real-life radio personality Dave Elliott. What if you don?t have an iPod or MP3 player, or don?t even know what those things are? Never fear, audioblog is here. Click below, and listen on your computer.

If all of this proves helpful and people seem to like it, we?ll keep doing it. If it turns out to be another technological annoyance, we will cease and desist. Your feedback is welcome below…just click on ?comments.?