Stuart Scott RIP

Like most American males, I have spent a large number of hours over the years watching SportsCenter and other programming on ESPN. So when Stuart Scott died this weekend, it came as a blow. I had no particular connection to him, nor do I put TV broadcasters in my pantheon of heroes. The invention of the catch-phrase boo-yah! is not what I would call an achievement to venerate but then neither is anything I have done. Still, like neighbors, people who are on TV for so many years  become familiar figures and you can’t help feeling like you “know” them somehow. Thus it was with Stuart Scott.

And, of course, we cannot help but feel compassion for someone who dies so young (age 49) and leaves behind two young daughters. So many Americans are touched, often brutally, by cancer. Perhaps that includes your family. It certainly has touched mine. My younger brother, Guy, died of lymphoma (a form of cancer) in 1996 at the age of 41. He died holding my hand and his last words were “I love you.” He too, left behind a daughter, my niece, Madeline, now 25, who will be coming to Florida to visit with me later this month.

None of this is to say anything other than it’s been awfully hard to watch ESPN the last couple of days, and I’m sure that’s true for many of you. RIP Stuart Scott.

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