For The Man Who Has Everything

With the holidays coming up, I will face a problem (admittedly, a first world problem) that I face every Father’s Day, every birthday, and every Christmas — not to mention in some business situations. And that is when people ask me what they can give me for a gift.

I start out with the usual really-a-gift-is-not-necessary, but the fact is that people enjoy giving gifts (I know I do!). It’s useful in this context to have a hobby like playing golf or collecting wine. Both of which I did much more often in days of yore. People send you a nice bottle or a dozen golf balls, and everyone is happy.

Just to make things more difficult and annoying, I am the type of guy who, if I want something, I go buy it. So, the trick is to find something I would like, but not enough to buy it for myself. It’s a challenge — and not one that my friends and family appreciate.

gift-cardsThe result is gift cards. Lots of gift cards. Tons of gift cards. A shower of gift cards. Some of them are quite substantial. One is for $200, another for $400. There’s only one small problem. I never use them. I know there are places that will buy them from me, but that seems incredibly crass. Likewise with re-gifting them. And so they pile up, my secret stash, gifts for the man who has everything.

One thought on “For The Man Who Has Everything

  1. Um, I’ve got the perfect solution for your unused gift cards. Send them to me. I can use a gift card faster than you can spell it, lol. But in all seriousness, I know a community crisis center that would love to have those gift cards to help the women in crisis (mostly battered women) who they house and provide counseling and other services for. Have you ever considered donating them to charity? I’d be happy to connect you.

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