The Female Lawyer Exodus

In my firm’s coaching program about half the participants are women attorneys — solo attorneys who have their own law practices. Often they are the main (or equal) bread-winners for their families, as well as the main child-care providers. The stress is clearly incredible and I don’t know how they do it. Some of them look like they haven’t slept in a month. Add in the fact that they have to be smart businesspeople, and all that goes with it — marketing, accounting, managing several employees, etc.. It’s a brutal formula and it’s often accompanied by intense guilt feelings that they are failing at (or short-changing) one of their many obligations — to children, to clients, to employees, to husband. This article from The Daily Beast entitled “The Female Lawyer Exodus” is focused more on female associates at big law firms. The syndrome it describes is bad enough, but not as challenging as it is for solo female attorneys, who also have to deal with the stress of not knowing where their next client (and next dollar) is coming from.

One thought on “The Female Lawyer Exodus

  1. It’s a sad situation Mark. The article reminded me of our older daughter. You may remember she went from law school to a big firm, and was happy there until she had a baby. Then she found herself leaving the house before the baby awoke and returning home long after the baby had gone to sleep. She offered to work 40 hours per week for one-half her salary, but the firm thought that would set a bad precedent. So she quit. Big firms can make dumb decisions.

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