Jobs Available At The Firm of LCC&S

Here’s a fine article from Chuck Newton’s blog “Third Wave Lawyer.” (Hat tip to Victor Medina for this link.) Two great outtakes:

“When people ask me if there is a lot of competition in the practice of law, I tell them no. Sure there are a lot of attorneys, but only a few percent do what is necessary to build a thriving practice…

“Lawyers would rather buy expensive advertising, or go to work for a firm with the hope of hiding in an office, than gain the experiences necessary to build a comfortable and knowledgeable law practice.”

I have two reactions. The first is, “So true!” And the second is, that’s wonderful news for the attorneys who are willing do “what is necessary” to build a thriving practice. The fact is, almost all the competition will eliminate itself by being lazy, cheap, cautious and stupid.

If you are willing to do what is necessary, you will dominate your market. If not, you can apply for a job at Lazy, Cheap, Cautious and Stupid.