SmartTalk, Episode 18

In which Victor and Mark interview Molly Hall and Laney Lyons about their book "Don't Be A Yes Chick!" and discuss what constitutes a "yes chick" and why you shouldn't be one; the relationship between an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur; why some employees want to pick up their paychecks and head for happy hour; why Mark's employees choose the parking lot for their weeping; whether or not using the word "chick" is offensive or simply good fun; the relevance (or not) of the E-Myth; the employee mentality vs. the employer mentality; who should do the hiring and firing and training; why business would be great if it weren't for the employees; whether impatience is a defining characteristic of entrepreneurs; why time and attention are the secret ingredients in creating a great staff; how to title and pay an intrapreneur; why one of Victor's employees holds three different titles; and how Mark can be bribed. 



SmartTalk – Ep 18