SmartTalk, Episode 17

Welcome to SmartTalk Episode 17 in which Victor and Mark interview Bob Burg, author of The Go-Giver and discuss Bob's history as "The Optimistic News-Reader"; Victor's round of golf with the Go-Taker; why the first Law is to create value; money as the thunder to the lightning of value; the Law of Compensation; building an army of ambassadors using magic fairy dust; why referrals are actually not the result of a great client experience; the Law of Influence; the willing suspension of self-interest; the Law of Authenticity and why the most valuable thing you have to offer is yourself; phonus balonus; Mark's thoughts on Socrates and the Oracle at Delphi; breathing out and the Law of Receptivity; wealth vs. happiness; and what the New Testament actually says about giving and receiving. 



SmartTalk – Ep 17


Inside The KDunn Offices?

A further contribution from my client and friend, Angela Manz of Virginia Beach (click to enlarge) :