SmartTalk, Episode 16

Welcome to SmartTalk, episode 16, in which Victor and Mark explore whether law firms can be like factories, the loneliness of the solo practitioner, the very model of a modern law firm general, Mark's mad skillz with a calculator, how Woody Allen expresses Mark's business philosophy while The Godfather expresses Victor's, the hugely growing audience of SmartTalk — and Victor and Mark's plot to sell ads on their podcast in order to get free swag. 


SmartTalk – Ep 16


2 thoughts on “SmartTalk, Episode 16

  1. Everyone should be listening to these webcasts periodically. They contain invaluable information even if it only reaffirms what you are already doing. Here is just one of the ideas that I totally agree with: Hire before you can afford it; I did this in 2011 and wished I had done it 10 years earlier. By hiring an associate to do the actually estate planning work, I have been freed up to think about growing the business and getting new clients. I am already seeing the results after six months plus the new attorney is reaching referral sources that I would not have necessarily gotten. Kudos once again to Mark and Victor on some practical and sound advice.

  2. Dear Dan,
    Thanks for the kind words and support. Sometimes hearing back from listeners also serves as reassurance that, as a practitioner, my approach is sound.
    Coming up are some “Special Guest Star” episodes – stay tuned.

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