Dirtier Pool?

If you haven't read my previous blog post, you should scroll down and do so, or you won't understand this one. When last we left the search engine saga, KDunn & Associates was attempting to benefit from my reputation by planting paid advertising for the search term "Mark Merenda." When you did a Google search for Mark Merenda, there was a paid listing right above the search results — a "sponsored link" for my competitor KDunn & Associates, with the headline "Want More Clients?". OK, that was annoying. Then when you clicked on their ad, it took you to a landing page that contained the language "You searched for Mark Merenda and you found it." That was a little more than annoying. This competing firm was using my name in their marketing. Then today, I searched my name again. Here is the result (click on image to enlarge):

Mark merenda - Google Search








Now "annoying" is beginning to seem inadequate, as the headline on the ad no longer reads "Want More Clients?" but now says "Mark Merenda — How to Grow Your Practice/KDunnMarketing.com." So, a competitor is using my name in its commercial advertising on the Internet.

I think the pool just got dirtier.

10 thoughts on “Dirtier Pool?

  1. If it costs this loser a buck every time I click on her ad, I’m going to start clicking non stop. Click, click, click.

  2. I can’t put my finger on it, but the phrase “sloppy seconds” keeps popping up in my head.
    She must be fond of yours, I’m thinking.
    Taking a cue from the young folks, she is a Grade-A, “put the hand in the shape of an ‘L’ and scowl” LO-SER.

  3. Mark,
    I would write a detailed blog post exposing their nonsense and then get all of your friends and people on your list to send them the link together with a message that says something like “I was searching for Mark Merenda and I came across your site. You are not Mark Miranda. Stop advertising as if you were.”
    Then, I would create a video that discusses the dastardly trick they just pulled in an attempt to get the un-savvy viewer to click on their site instead of yours. Then get all your friends and everyone on your list and send them the video along with a similar message. By that point they should get the idea.
    Then, you should create an article that describes in detail how you are different from these people who are attempting to steal clients from you.
    Send me your article and video, and I’ll put it up on lawyersvideostudio.com.
    Best regards,

  4. I understand that this is supposedly be a “compliment” but I know that it doesn’t feel like one. Since you can’t stop Google from making money from unsuspecting prospective clients clicking on KDunn’s sponsored link, I think perhaps it’s a marketing opportunity to use this to take your company to the next level…

  5. Although some may consider it a bit unethical (i don’t personally see an issue with it), unless your name is trademarked there is not a whole lot you can do about this except return the favor! 😉
    Brand names are some of the most profitable keywords out there from an ROI standpoint!

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