SmartTalk, Episode 12

In the latest edition of SmartTalk, Victor and Mark, in a failed effort to be regular guys, take the podcast to a bar and interview practice management 
Allison new headshot photo - cropped consultant Allison Shields of Legal Ease Consulting,, and the Legal Ease blog. Our intrepid trio sip adult beverages and discuss the challenge of getting paid, the tension between fulfillment and everything else, the gap in the pipeline, why "time management" is a misnomer, thinking beyond the next few days, how lawyers negotiate with themselves, the dangers of WebMD, the prescription pad analogy, Mark's first day at college, women attorneys and the recipe for meltdown, whether Victor will hire a nanny, Allison's best success tip, Victor's lizard brain, and the risks of avoidance and evasive thinking.

SmartTalk – Ep 12

For My Son On His 18th Birthday

You tower over me,

Your beard and deep voice

Heralding the presence of a young man,

No longer the toddler with the impish grin

Who threw his chubby arms

Around my neck and called me daddy,

Who, at 3 a.m., couldn’t get to sleep

Until I drove him in the car ‘til dawn,

With whom I watched The Jungle Book

A hundred and fifty times.

In this house still lurks a treasure trove

Of Pokemon cards, Lego castles

Comic books and Hot Wheels cars —

Forgotten by you, wept over by me.

O, my boy, you are,

And always will be,

My most beautiful piece of poetry.


SmartTalk, Episode 11

In the latest edition of SmartTalk Victor and Mark cannot escape Texas, but can still go back-and-forth about marketing gurus, false idols, the infomercial approach, electronic stalking, parental discipline, Skull & Bones and other secret societies, lawyers' lack of due diligence, Hemingway's thoughts on writing vs. those of Stephen King, weight loss and magic bullets, time vs. money, the top line vs. the bottom line, and dueling sheep farmers.

SmartTalk – Ep 11