SmartTalk, Episode 5

In which SmartTalk goes on the road to Dallas, Texas, prompting Victor and Mark to discuss feedback from their listeners, whether Mark really hates attorneys, the advantages of doing nothing, Victor's aversion to bunk beds, The California Switchblade and other marketing excesses, do-it-yourself logos, marketing with no money, the fear factor, a question of confidence, the screw-up as opportunity, whole-plus-one, and whether or not Mark can say "shit" on a podcast. 

SmartTalk – Ep 5

Seth Godin: Hope And The Magic Lottery

Sometimes I write long blog posts, and sometimes I just want to say read this. Today is one of those. I have, in the past, compared marketing with weight loss, and talked about what works (modifying certain behaviors and consistently applying them over time) and what doesn't ("Give me the magic pill that will make me lose 30 pounds in 30 days"). Marketing guru Seth Godin has a different analogy: the magic lottery ticket. You can read it here. The key passage: 

"Starbucks didn't become Starbucks by getting discovered by Oprah Winfrey or being blessed by Warren Buffet when they only had a few stores. No, they plugged along. They raised bits of money here and there, flirted with disaster, added one store and then another, tweaked and measured and improved and repeated. Day by day, they dripped their way to success."

(Hat tip to Victor Medina for directing my attention to this post.)

The Smart Marketing Coaching Program Takes Off

The first session of the Smart Marketing Coaching Program took place last week, with a welcoming reception on Thursday night and a full day of coaching on Friday, led by Steve Riley (talking in the photo below, with me on his left paying rapt attention). Attendees included attorneys Victor Medina, Kirsten Howe, Thea Eliot, Laurie Rigg, Bennett Braverman, Diedre Braverman, Kurt Zimmerman, Chuck Wilder, Ellen Victor, Jim Reed, Mark Bregman, Christine Weiner, Wayne Walston and Michael Hickox.