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In speaking to attorneys about Internet marketing, I often hear from them that their target market doesn’t use the Internet. "Wealthy families don’t use the Internet to find their advisors," I am told. "Seniors don’t use the Internet to find their attorneys" is another popular one. And I always respond: "Everyone uses the Internet to find everything."

Turns out I was wrong. David Meerman Scott found a market that doesn’t use the Internet. He even has video. See it here.

All Great Work Offends Someone

I love this post from the estimable Seth Godin, on how to work with your design team, although his comments apply equally to a marketing firm, advertising agency, or any other creative enterprise. One of my favorite parts of Seth’s post makes the point that great creative work is not the same as safe, mediocre work:

"It’s going to offend someone," he writes. "If it doesn’t offend them, then it will make them nervous. The Vietnam Vets memorial offended a lot of people. The design of Google made plenty of people nervous. Great work from a design team means new work, refreshing and remarkable and bit scary."

"If you want average (mediocre) work, ask for it. Be really clear up front that you want something beyond reproach, that’s in the middle of the road, that will cause no controversy and will echo your competition. It’ll save everyone a lot of time."

Marketing Roundtable In San Antonio

I will be participating in a Marketing Roundtable at the WealthCounsel annual event Thursday, June 12th from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. at the Hyatt Regency in San Antonio, Texas. Other members of the distinguished panel: attorneys Joe Strazzeri, Diedre Wachbrit, Eden Rose Brown, and Jonathan Mintz. All of these folks are expert at marketing their law practices, so there is bound to be a lot of valuable insight to be had. If you are going to be in San Antonio, I hope you will attend.

A Conversation Between Ben Glass And Mark Merenda

Most lawyers don’t understand marketing very well, but we should definitely learn whatever we can from those who do. Ben Glass is a personal injury attorney who figured out a lot about marketing a PI practice, or any law practice. In fact, he has a business dedicated to sharing what he knows, called Great Legal Marketing (click here to visit the website). On his site, Ben offers a terrific 3-hour CD for only $4.95. Just click on his video for details. Ben recently interviewed me for his July CD-Newsletter. Ben’s a great interviewer, so if you want to eavesdrop on a substantive conversation between two legal marketing gurus, you can hear the entire interview here. It lasts about an hour, and if you don’t have time to listen now, you can download the MP3 file for later listening.