Yours truly was quoted in The Pennsylvania Lawyer, a publication of the Pennsylvania Bar Association, in an article entitled "Seeking The Cyber Life" by Steven A. Meyerowitz:

Mark Merenda the president of a law firm marketing consulting company based in Naples, Fla., believes that, for lawyers, there is a "real sense of community" and "real usefulness" in listservs.  He is active on a number of listservs, including the listserves of Wealth Counsel, L.L.C. (www.wealthcounsel.com/listservs.aspx).  Wealth Counsels listservs include ones that are open to estate planning professionals (attorneys and non-attorneys) for the specific purpose of exchanging information related to estate planning, another open to attorneys and non- attorneys for the specific purpose of exchanging information related to technology and another dedicated to practice building. Merenda also participates in  listservs of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys Inc. (www.naela.com/professionals/whyjoin.htm) and the Academy of Special Needs Planners (www.specialneedsplanners.com/listserv/listServ.asp).  "On these lists, I can interact with my clients, potential clients, my fellow marketing experts, and so on. For my clients themselves, the listserv functions as a law library, a means to co-counsel, an after hours drinking club and who knows what else," he explains.

    Not entirely sure how much the WealthCounsel folks will appreciate the "after hours drinking club" analogy, but such are the perils of being interviewed… Now, where did I put that bottle of vodka?