Las 11 Máximas razones por las cuales los abogados no hacen marketing

    I read an article recently in which the author cited the greatest advances in human communication. He named: 1. The invention of spoken language, 2. The invention of the alphabet/written language, 3. The invention of the printing press, and 4. The Internet.
    We have the privilege of living through a revolution so profound it is on a par with the invention of language. I find it staggering.
    One result is the "shrinking" of the world, and the creation of a "global village." Distances that once seemed vast have shrunk to nothing. The point has recently been brought home to me, as I received a request from a Russian legal journal to reprint some of my articles, and when another article (11 Reasons Attorneys Don’t Do Marketing) was cited on blogs by my colleague Ivan Cavero in Lima, Peru and Marco Antonio in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Thanks to Ivan for the trouble he took in translating and to Marco for linking. Those of you who speak Spanish or Portuguese will greatly enjoy the blogs of both men.

CPAs Extending Their Practice Areas

An article on on the opportunities and advantages of CPAs who have grown their practices to include tax and financial planning, quotes yours truly. It is written by Roger Russell, with whom I had lunch in New York a couple of years ago at WealthCounsel event. I’ll read anything Roger writes, as he always seem to spot the latest trends.

From Fairest Creatures We Desire Increase

It seems right to ring in the New Year with some Smart Marketing social notes from 2006, the most important of which is two new Smart Babies. At top left is Jack Marshall, new son of Smart Marketing Events Manager Sarah Marshall, born in September. Sarah will be ending her maternity leave and returning to us on January third. To theBaby_kayden_vanessa
right is Kayden, new son of Vanessa Harris, Smart Marketing’s media buyer in charge of seminar promotion. Kayden is not yet a month old.
    And, just to let you share in the still-fresh memories of seasonal joy, here is a photo of Dscn0741
the Smart Marketing team celebrating at their annual holiday luncheon, this year held at La Playa Hotel and Resort in Naples, Florida. Smart Marketers, seated left to right: Michelle Buckley, Sarah Marshall, Lesley Blaine, Marcia Albert, Vanessa Harris, and Don Meier. Standing, left to right: Julia DaRocha, Anne Daré, Mark Merenda, Dave Meehan, and Diane Scire. (Click on images to see enlarged version in popup window.) We hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season, and we wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2007.