Yeah, That Happened To Me Too

You really need to be careful about what you say in your sleep.

Lawyers Who Blog

It may be old hat to some, but the mainstream media is taking note of lawyers who blog. A tip of the hat to Robert Ambrogi for the link. Among Smart Marketing’s clients, Diedre Wachbrit, Peter Myers, Kimberly Lee, Lori Somekh and Harry Margolis are all bloggers. Diedre Wachbrit would seem to be our leading blogger, based on the frequency of her posts, and the fact that she maintains a second blog, dedicated to special needs planning.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Because I am a great lover of the arts, and a devoted admirer of William Hung and the Numa Numa song and dance, I am compelled to share this video, demonstrating that people who claim that America’s youth are a bunch of worthless idlers have another thing coming. And, if you ever wondered what the hell that "Lion Sleeps Tonight" song was about, click here.

It Not Only Doesn’t Matter What’s In The Brochure — It Doesn’t Matter What’s In The Bottle, Either

If you never believed the experts who tell you that it’s all about the marketing and the packaging, we submit the photo at right (click to enlarge) sent to us (via cellphone camera) from an airport concourse by Smart Marketing client and fellow blogger Diedre Wachbrit. I thought about writing an entire essay, but upon further reflection, you ought to be able to look at this photo and know everything I would tell you.

If A Brochure Falls In The Forest And Nobody Hears It….

When I am having conversations with my clients about the contents of a proposed book or brochure, they often want to have extensive discussion of the content. You know, all about our firm, our philosophy, how we’re different, or better, or less crappy, blah blah blah. I usually try to short-circuit the conversation as follows:

Me: It doesn’t matter what’s in the brochure.
Client: Why not?
Me: Because no one is going to read it.

The value of the brochure is in the materials, the photography, the size, the entire package that adds up to one subliminal message: we are playas. Now comes marketing guru Seth Godin, author of Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable,  with a similar message.

Click This Link To Speak With A Human

If you have ever read this blog, or had the misfortune to speak to me shortly after one of my run-ins with an automated phone answering system, you know how I feel about this….this — how shall I put it? — abomination.

This week I called an attorney’s office — an attorney with whom I had an appointment. We were to speak at noon. After ten minutes of calling, punching menu choices, hanging up, calling again, etc. I still had not managed to speak to a human being. I was offered the opportunity to leave a voicemail message for everyone from the attorney to the receptionist, but no one actually picked up the phone. I could only wonder what would happen if I was a prospective client trying to make an appointment, so I could give the law firm some money.

Anyway, if you’re like me, you will enjoy using this website, where you can get the codes to bypass the automated phone answering systems of many large American corporations.

A Cancer On The Presidency?

If you are not of a certain generation you will have no understanding of the relevance of the headline above, but John Dean, who 30 years ago loomed large in the public conciousness, has written a column for FindLaw about the issues surrounding the (unconstitutional?) implementation of the new Medicaid rules, aka the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005. He calls it an example of shoddy and partisan lawmaking. Thanks to ElderLawAnswers for the link.

Oh Canada

I have been quoted in the Canadian Bar Association’s National: Legal Insights & Practice Trends, both online and in print. They got my name wrong, my email address wrong, and my blog address wrong. But they got the quote right, so what the hell. I am grateful they thought enough of my stuff to reprint it. You can read it here. You have to wait for the page to load, then you have to go to page 10, then you have to scroll to the bottom of the page, where you will find the sidebar entitled Quote/Unquote.

For all that effort you ought to get something really, really good, like the secret of life or something. Instead you will get a quote from me about client service that you have previously read on this blog. But I don’t want my readers to be disappointed, so here’s the secret of life: life is a river without end.

A Working Class Hero Is Something To Be

The Law Office of Diedre Wachbrit has been named one of the "25 Best Small Companies" in America by Working Mother magazine in the April, 2006 issue. The magazine cites the law firm and its policies as being friendly to working mothers: "Every employee at this law firm flexes. Eight work a compressed week, three telecommute, and seven participate in an informal job share program. The schedule is described as a puzzle that’s put together differently every few months to accomodate each employee’s needs. And at this firm, moving doesn’t necessarily mean you’re out of a job. One mom now works from Ireland, and another is working from Tennessee…" In addition to being an innovator in the workplace, Wachbrit is the author of two blogs, one on estate planning and another on special needs planning.

Nota Bene

I have always been a big fan of the personal note card as a powerful marketing tool. Now here’s some evidence from the Arizona Republic that such cards can be extremely effective from the very outset of your career.