Medicaid Guru Dave Zumpano Gives His Take On The New Law

    Below are comments from Dave Zumpano of Medicaid Practice Systems, concerning the recent changes to Medicaid rules passed by Congress:

   "I am as excited as I have been in years over the proposed changes to the Medicaid law. Not necessarily with the specific changes, but with change.
    "I have not seen this much interest  in Medicaid Planning since the "Granny Goes to Jail" law. If  you recall, back then the pundits proclaimed Medicaid planning was dead and anyone who did it was "going to jail".  The strength of our practice in the Medicaid field is to be an advocate for our clients. Lawyers have been trained from the first day of law school to be advocates and to find strategies and solutions to their clients’ needs.  This change is no different. 
Dave_1    "As an analogy, many believed the changes to the estate tax law in 2001 would eliminate estate planning. Nothing is further from the truth, it just has changed the focus of  estate planning away from taxes, toward family and asset protection. The changes to the Medicaid law will do the same.
       " I reviewed my entire six-day Medicaid Practice Program including all the tools, strategies, formulas, worksheets and calculations. I am excited to report approximately ten to fifteen percent is affected by the changes to the Medicaid  the law. The remaining eighty-five to ninety percent will still be effective strategies to use.  This enables MPS  members and others with similar strategies to distinguish themselves from the Monday morning Medicaid planning attorneys. I think the changes in the law provide the greatest opportunity to do what we do best, counsel our clients.
         "It is amazing how often we all get stuck in our comfort zones and perceive change as a threat. I believe it is a tremendous opportunity and I am excited to lead this charge discovering, exploring and modifying the strategies that have been successful in the past to accommodate the new changes. The buzz on the MPS Listserv has been overwhelmingly positive and exciting with the opportunity we see. I believe there is a tremendous opportunity especially from attorney referrals. The one-day Bar Association programs to learn Medicaid planning will no longer be effective in enabling people to practice in this area. It will require a fully-dedicated medicaid planning attorney, and I am confident those of us who focus their practice in this area will prosper."

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