It’s The Merenda Blog Event!

    Can someone please tell me when did a "sale" became an "event"? Was it around the same time everyone in baseball stopped talking about speed and control, and started talking about velocity and location?
    I turn on the TV, or open the newspapers and all I see are ads for "events." It’s the Mercedes-Benz Spring Event. It’s the Diamond Merchant Holiday Event.
    What’s an event? It’s a generic word that seemingly covers every possible occurance. A wedding is an event. A concert is an event. My burping is an event. A "sale" is an event the same way a "car" is a vehicle.
    I suppose someone at Mercedes or Gucci found the word "sale" a little too… shall I say?…..declassé? And now everyone else must follow suit. Soon we will see the Wal-Mart Summer Solstice Event.

3 thoughts on “It’s The Merenda Blog Event!

  1. I think reading your blog is an “event” every day!!!
    It could be worse, the would “Palooza” could be attached to everything. Or “-O-Rama”. Then we could have the “Merenda Palooza Blog-O- Rama”.

  2. It’s weird: We live in a consumption-oriented, commerce-driven society, but business people have an odd, Victorian prudishness about openly acknowledging their motives. So instead of clear words such as “sales,” “profits” or “ambition,” we camouflage our intentions with nonsense such as “events,” “commitments,” and “visions.”

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