Another SmartBaby!

DscireWe are pleased to announce the birth of our second SmartBaby. (For those keeping track, Sarah Marshall’s son Owen was the first.) Smart Marketing’s super-talented graphic designer Diane Scire gave birth on May 27th to Addison, who weighed in at an even seven pounds. No photos available as yet, but we will keep you posted!

NAELA And WealthCounsel Events

Smart Marketing offices were short four people last week as Sarah Marshall and Nichole Vanas attended WealthCounsel in Scottsdale, Arizona, while Mark Merenda and Naomi Reiter were at NAELA in San Francisco. It was great to see our clients and to meet with new friends.

Dscn0355_7Many thanks to the following who were nice enough to say good things about Smart Marketing or to meet with potential new clients and share their marketing experience. At WealthCounsel: Diedre Wachbrit, Alexis Martin Neely, Dave Zumpano, Joe Strazzeri, Lance Like, Valerie Peterson, Rick Law, Ben Stewart, Hal Fliegelman, and Jimmie Joe. At NAELA: Kimberly Lee, Rick Law and Hal Fliegelman (again!), Judith Howard, Terry Abrams Berger, Meg Rudansky, John Peck, Franklin Drazen, Tom Begley, Harry Margolis, Linda Howe, Bailey Liipfert, Nancy Nawrocki, and Steve Ratner.

For photos from the events, please click on the photo album at right, third from the top. In the photo above, that’s (left to right) Caren Neilson (rear), Kimberly Lee, Franklin Drazen, Mark Merenda, and Meg Rudansky. Click on photo to enlarge.

The Estate Tax: Efficient, Fair and Misunderstood

Nyt_logo_smMay 12, 2005

The Estate Tax: Efficient, Fair and Misunderstood


THE Bush administration has proposed permanent repeal of the estate tax, the tax people pay when they inherit money. Citing overwhelming support even among middle-class voters, some predict that the Senate will soon approve a repeal bill similar to the one the House passed last month.

Scene184But is support for repeal of the estate tax as broad as it appears? Survey respondents are typically told only that repeal of the tax has been proposed and are then asked whether they are in favor of such a move. Although two-thirds or more of respondents in most surveys respond affirmatively, this may tell us only that people find taxes of any sort unpleasant.

Well, sure, but that does not mean taxes are unnecessary. The alternative, after all, would be to have no army, which would eventually mean paying taxes to some other government whose army conquered us.

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How To Wow

Law Elder Law, consistently a leader in implementing new marketing strategies, recently unveiled their0026 new booth (click on photos to view enlarged image) at a Senior Showcase Expo, an expo focused on seniors and senior providers, put on by a Sun Publications in the greater Chicago area.

"Our first expo was fun," said Jonathan Johnson of Law Elder Law.  "We invested substantial resources into our booth and found the end product to be extremely rewarding in our effort to make a brand name for an int0025agible product. With the help of Star Inc. for the booth and Smart Marketing for the graphic design, the display turned out incredible.We actually had other professionals and prospective clients coming over just because they heard about it, and the reaction was gratifying. I had one nursing home professional that sends us referrals say, ‘Everything you guys do is so amazing, I am glad my booth is not next to yours.’ The professional look it gave us just confirmed to the outside that we have apparent substance. I plan on setting it up at all of our seminars and expos as well as leaving it up in our office for display. The ‘life giving’ photos and colorful logo design make us more approachable and professional all at the same time." 

Florida Bar Working Hard To Make Marketing More Difficult For Attorneys

Images_1 Virtually every radio and TV lawyer ad would have to be approved by The Florida Bar before it aired under recommended new advertising rules approved by the Board of Governors at its April 8 meeting. (Thanks to Smart Marketing client Greg Jacobs for this link.) I was particularly struck by the Young Lawyers Division President, who pointed how restrictive new rules will favor older, established attorneys over those who are seeking to develop or grow their practices. The notion that the Bar now wants to oversee websites, as well, is particularly galling for anyone who is not in love with bureaucracy and rules.