How to Prepare A Living Will

ImagesI usually try to stay away from the outright silly on this blog, but sometimes temptation strikes. The satirical online "newspaper" The Onion, offers tips on preparing a living will here.

Anchors Aweigh

Images_1I spent last Thursday and Friday with Jackie and Toby Byrd, Smart Marketing clients in Bowie, Maryland. Jackie’s new book Senior Moments is expected out in time for next month’s NAELA meeting in San Francisco, so be sure to look for it there. I’ll write more about this and tell you how to get a copy as publication nears.  Amidst the  hard work, Jackie and Toby took me for a tour of Annapolis, state capitol and home of the U.S. Naval Academy. It’s a charming city featuring some classic architecture and livened by the sight of Midshipmen walking the streets in their "whites." Many thanks to the Byrds for the treat.

Meet Julia Darocha

Julia_1I love the IBM commercial where a bunch of techno-geeks are in line at a Starbucks-like coffee place. One person complains about the wait, and the others chime in with thoughts about "adding capacity" and "scalability issues" and "increased bandwidth." It sometimes feels a bit like that at Smart Marketing. We continue to "add capacity" as we seek to improve our customer service and speed in response to our rapidly growing client base (thank you!). Our newest addition is Julia Darocha, who joins Foster Reznor and Diane Scire as our third full-time graphic designer. Julia is a 2003 graduate of Santa Fe Community College where she obtained her A.S. degree in graphic design. In the two years since, she has accumulated a wealth of experience in both print and web design. We hope you enjoy our "increase in throughput velocity"!