Smart Marketing holiday party

Dscn0124The Smart Marketing employees went to Bice (pronouced bee-chay)  restaurant in Naples for their annual holiday lunch and gift exchange. A fine time was had by all and, as far as I know, nobody was arrested, nobody drove under the influence, nor were any inter-office romances consumated in the stock room.

Well, where’s the fun in that, you ask, and you have a very good point. But from an employer’s point of view, no news is good news. You can see more photos in the "Holiday Party" photo album at right.

Seated, left to right: Michael Lasalandra, Diane Scire, Lesley Blaine, Nichole Vanas, Sarah Marshall, Naomi Reiter, Marcia Albert. Standing, left to right: Mark Merenda, Foster Reznor.

Legal firms step outside the law for marketing help

Here’s an interesting article:

"As part of their battle for clients, big law firms increasingly are turning to marketing experts with backgrounds outside of law.

"Law firms are tapping people who come from fields such as technology, accounting, consulting and investment banking. The trend is a further example of how law firms are embracing business practices that are common in the corporate world…"

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Paying A Smart Visit


The Smart Marketing staff received a visit on Dec. 13 from client Kimberly T. Lee of Indian Wells, California, near Palm Springs. Attorney Lee, seen here, at left, working on her redesigned corporate identity package (logo, business cards, stationery, notecards, etc.) with Smart Marketing’s Marcia Albert, focuses on estate planning and elder law.

Smart Marketing clients should consider visiting our offices in Naples, Florida. It provides an opportunity for you to know our staff better, and to get a little "extra attention" for you and your practice.

Besides, we’d love to see you!

Left Coast Marketing Program

For the last few years, the end of January has always found me in San Diego, doing something in conjunction with Smart Marketing client Joe Strazzeri, his Southern California Institute, and the California Forum. This year will be different only in one respect: we will be doing a special program entitled "Jumpstart Your Marketing For 2005" for Smart Marketing clients and invited guests only.


The program will be presented on Wednesday, January 26, at the Southern California Institute. The tentative agenda is as follows:

Morning session #1

Learning to love your inner marketer. Attorneys are resistant, if not actively hostile, to the idea of marketing. We’ll explore why that is so, and what you can do to change it. As the owner of a business entity (yes, a law firm is a business) you must understand that the lifeblood of every business is new customers, and the key to creating new customers is marketing. We’ll discuss marketing to the public, marketing to potential referral sources, and marketing to your own client base.

Morning session #2

How to really differentiate yourself — through client service. It’s easy to slip into an “office attitude” in which the clients are seen as pesky annoyances who interrupt important work. Terrible customer service is an epidemic in today’s economy. Learn to do it well, and your clients will adore you and bring their friends.

Afternoon session #1

The world wide web — you actually can get business from the internet now. Learn how to do web site optimization, and pay-per-click advertising strategies to generate actual clients.

Afternoon session #2

How to multiply your public relations impact. It isn’t so much the speech you gave or the article you wrote, it’s what you do with it afterward.

There is no cost for the program for Smart Marketing clients or their staffs. Please send me an email, however, and let us know that you plan to attend. Many of you will want to attend the California Forum "Gathering" and the WealthCounsel programs that will take place January 27-February 2 in San Diego. (These events may require a fee, and are not officially connected with Smart Marketing.)

Here is the hotel information:

Hyatt Aventine, La Jolla (2 blocks from SCI office)
                                3777 La Jolla Village Drive, San Diego, CA 92122
                               (858) 552-1234
              $159 room rate – “Southern California Institute  Neighborhood Rate”