Meet Naomi Reiter

Naomi_reiter_1Please meet Naomi Reiter, the newest addition to the Smart Marketing staff. Naomi’s primary responsibility is as my assistant, poor woman, but she is also a marketing associate who will be learning aspects of everyone’s role here, and will be traveling to the various events where Smart Marketing has a presence.

Next time you call, be sure to say hello. For a little more on Naomi, please visit the Smart Marketing website and click on "Smart Staff."

NAELA recordings

You may recall that I purchased three sets of the complete recordings of all the sessions of the recent NAELA meeting in Colorado. These recordings have arrived. They are in CD format and are available to Smart Marketing clients to borrow. Just call or send me an email. Here is what is included:

1. The Forgetting:  Alzheimer’s, Portrait of an Epidemic  David Shenk
2. From Cruzan to Schiavo:  What Have We Learned?  William H. Colby
3. Fiduciary Liability and Litigation   Alan D. Bogutz; Allan T. Bogutz; Hon. Raymond C. Eubanks, Jr.; Bruce S.  Ross; Peter Q. Santini
4. Judges Corner  Hon. Lawrence A. Belskis

5. The Clifton B. Kruse Lecture, Family:  A Social Unit Not a Legal Unit  Pro. Geoffrey C. Hazard, Jr.
6. Family Law Issues for Older and Disabled Clients  Barbara S. Hughes; Linda Roberson
7. The Importance of Trusts in Estate and Financial Planning  Jonathan G. Blattmachr, Jr.
8. Threading the Needle:  What the New Jersey Experience with Medicaid Planning by Guardians Can Teach Us  Paul A. Sturgul
9. Puttin’ on the Ritz:  Does It Really Work?  Thomas D. Begley; Wesley E. Wright
10. Dementia and the Elder Law Attorney:  A Philosophical Prospective  Prof. Agnieszka      Jaworska
11. Expanded Estate Recovery:  Emerging Trends – The Impact of Your Practice  Cynthia L. Barrett;   Jo-Anne Herina Jeffreys; Alex L. Moschella; Ian S. Oppenheim
12. d (4) (A) Special Needs Trusts (SNTs):  Pearls and Gems  Andrew H. Hook; Bernard   A. Krooks
13. Ensuring Adequate Council for the Proposed Ward-The Los Angeles County Probate Volunteer Panel  Hon. Thomas W. Stoever; Stuart D. Zimring
14. Minimizing Fiduciary Liability Maximizing Fiduciary Effectiveness  Charles F. Robinson
15. Hot Topic-Advocating in an Era of Medicaid Waivers:  Case Studies  Brian W. Lindberg; Ian S.   Oppenheim; Vincent J. Russo; G. Mark Shalloway; Daniel O. Tully
16. Ethical Quagmires When Representing Clients with Diminished Capacity  Prof. Roberta K.   Flowers; A. Frank Johns; Prof. Rebecca C. Morgan
17. Guardianship Jurisdiction:  Barriers and Solutions  Sally Balch Hurme; Edward E. Zetlin

Great New Resource

Those of you with seniors as clients will appreciate this new resource. Optimal Aging is a 1,000 page manual featuring experts in Medicine, Law, and Finance, writing on the most important issues for today’s seniors. The book is extremely well-written and lavishly illustrated. Many of the experts featured will be familiar to members of the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys and WealthCounsel. ManualThey include Smart Marketing client Michael Kilbourn on life insurance, Renno Peterson and Bob Esperti on estate planning, and Scot Overdorf on retirement planning.

There are chapters on long-term care, Medicaid, annuities, and so on.

One warning: the book is pricey at $60 + tax + shipping and weighs a ton. I think seniors will be able to read it, but I’m not at all sure they could carry it.  Want to save $10? You can buy it from Michael Kilbourn’s office for $50. Email him at [email protected]  or call 239-261-1888 and ask for Joan.

Greetings From NAELA

Greetings from the Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs, Colorado where I am attending the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) meeting, along with Nichole Vanas of the Smart Marketing staff.

This morning we awoke to the delightful realization that it was snowing. No big deal for many of you, but when you live in Florida, it’s quite a treat. My 12-year-old son, Max, has never seen snow and considers it a major objective.Dscn0088

The conference itself has been great, and I am bringing home two entire sets of CDs containing all the sessions for the Smart Marketing lending library, so if you are a Smart Marketing client, and would like to "attend" the conference, please let me know and we will send you the CDs.

Many Smart Marketing clients were in attendance, including (but not limited to) Hal Fliegelman of Medicaid Planning Online; Harry Magolis of Elder Law Answers; Rick Law of Law Elder Law in Oswego, IL; Valerie Peterson of Abrams Berger in Miami, FL; Jamie Long and Linda Howe, of Moline, IL; Tom Begley, Jr. Of Morristown, NJ; Jackie Byrd of Bowie, MD; and lots of others.

Jackie Byrd, by the way, will soon celebrate the publication of her new book Senior Moments, which everyone in the field of Elder Law will want to read. We will publish details as soon as the book is available.

(For photos from the conference, please click on the photo album at right.)