Traveling Man

I’ve been enjoying reading blog posts from this crazy lady. She got fired from her old job because of what she was writing on her blog, but I’m the boss at my company and I’m not going to fire me. Anyway, she has this sub-catagory entitled "Guilty" in which she writes whatever she’s feeling guilty about that day. If I had a similar catagory it would be about not blogging in any substantive way for the past three weeks.

You’ve already read about all the hurricane craziness, and also I have been traveling. I flew to Philadelphia (and back) to meet with Hal Fliegelman then I spent eight days in California, meeting with Joe Strazzeri and Steve Mancini in San Diego; Jan Copley and Lou Steinhauer in Pasadena; Diedre Wachbrit and staff in Thousand Oaks; Peter Myers and staff in San Francisco; and new client Bob Vale and his partners in San Mateo. Day after tomorrow (Friday, the 24th) I depart Florida at 7 a.m. and fly to San Diego, arriving at 11 a.m. Pacific time. That afternoon at 3 p.m. I’ll teach a marketing segment of Dave Zumpano’s Medicaid Practice Systems course, then take the red-eye back home, arriving at 10 on Saturday morning. I’m using my frequent flyer miles to go first class, but I am aware of the dictum that "a luxury enjoyed twice becomes a necessity."

Hal Fliegelman will be unveiling his "killer ap" — a new online Medicaid Planning product — at WealthCounsel in Chicago, and talking about it to fellow Smart Marketing clients on next month’s conference call. Peter Myers has launched the Northern California Institute, a sister organization to Joe Strazzeri’s Southern California Institute. Initial signs are that it will be a great success.

Postcard From Florida


Click on the photo to enlarge and see the latest postcard from our fair state.

Attorney Listing Web Sites

attorneysOur clients are often approached by internet firms that have attorney listing sites or directories. The sales pitch is usually the same: the attorney pays a certain amount in order to be exclusively (or non-exclusively) listed on the "referral" site. Sometimes the listing comes with bells and whistles like a direct link to the attorney’s own website.

I am often asked whether the investment is worth it, and I use my standard measuring stick, which is: Is this the best possible use of my client’s marketing dollar. Usually, the answer is no.

On Matt Homan’s blog (see my last post), a reader named Maury posted his evaluation of all these sites. I thought you might be astonished by a) how many there are, and interested in b) how he rates them. he cautions that these are his individual opinion, and that prices might have changed.

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